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Creating a Media Guide

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For this assignment, we had to create a media guide using Photoshop and Publisher.  I decided to create a media guide for the University of Michigan football team.  We had to look through existing media guides and pick three features that we liked and were going to incorporate into our media guide.  I like a cover page, so I was going to use that as a basis for my cover.  I also picked introduction pages for each section and having a menu bar on the side highlighting what section the reader is currently on.

I made my cover page, back page and introduction pages for the sections in Photoshop.  I then transferred the completed image to Publisher and started creating the media guide.  We had to have four topic sections, so I did coaches, offense, defense, and records.  We also had to include a table of contents and the media guide had to be at least 16 pages and end on an even number.  Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment and had a lot of fun creating a media guide!


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